Huwebes, Agosto 4, 2016

Guide to Hiring the Right Florist

Planning flower arrangements for your wedding is fun and exciting. If you are completely clueless about bouquets and wedding flowers, don’t despair. There’s always a pro you can consult to help make your dreams come true! 

Flowers play a major role in any event, especially in weddings. They can easily transform any mundane space into a charming and striking venue. They will be in all places, so you need to visualize the arrangements that will appear on your bouquet, the tables and the bridesmaid’s bouquet. Most of your photos will catch a glimpse of the floral arrangements too. For this reason, hiring a professional, who is well versed in wedding flowers, is the way to go. 

Start your search early

Like all other aspects of wedding planning, it is a wise thing to start looking for wedding florist well ahead of time. If you have a year before the wedding day, you can find time to look at the flowers that will be in season on your wedding day. If you’re in luck, some florist may even offer to do a sample bouquet with seasonal flowers available at this time. You can talk about the specifics at a later stage, usually a few months before the wedding.

Set a budget

Most couples set aside 6% of their wedding budget on flowers, sometimes more depending on your taste and budget. A beautiful flower arrangement does not have to burn a hole in your wallet. You can ask your florist for some advice on how to have wonderful yet affordable choices for wedding flowers.

Gather inspiration 

Before setting an appointment with a florist, collect ideas and inspirations from magazines and wedding websites to show your requirements and expectations. If possible, gather color swatches and photos of your wedding inspirations including invitations, bridesmaid dresses and venue. This will help the florist have a clear picture of what you want for your wedding flowers. 

Review portfolio work

Browse the portfolio of the florist to check on his previous work. This will give you a good view of the florist’s style and find out whether his aesthetics match yours. Once you have a basic idea of the flower expert’s work ethics and sense of style, ask him or her to prepare a proposal so you can both work out plans to suit your budget and requirements. If you feel at ease working with the florist, then you have found the right one!

Miyerkules, Agosto 3, 2016

Look Gorgeous on Your Wedding Day with These Beauty Tips

Every bride wants to be perfectly beautiful on their wedding day. To be a radiant bride, it’s important to know how to take care of your skin and your crowning glory. It’s probably not going to be easy with all the stress the wedding planning and preparation bring, but below are useful tips to make sure you are at your best when you walk down the aisle.


The number one cause of skin discolouration is dead skin. By regular exfoliation, you can get rid of dead skin that can accumulate in the face and neck area. Dead skin not only makes the skin rough but causes blackheads too as they tend to block the pores. Brides of any colour must exfoliate to avoid unsightly blotching.

Moisturise Give your make-up artist a great canvas on which to work his or her magic touch. Moisturizers help prevent skin dehydration and leave skin soft and supple. Water-based moisturizers are more preferable because they don’t have ingredients that can clog pores. Be sure to apply moisturizer when skin is damp to lock in moisture.

Condition It’s not all about the skin. Your hair is your crowning glory and you need to make sure it is at its best state on the big day. It pays to invest in a good conditioner. If you are using hair dryer, curling or flat iron regularly, choose ones that are of high quality to prevent damage to your hair. Ask your hairdresser for serums you could use.